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Do you have a company website?

Great! Bookero will easily integrate with it. You can also add our plugin to your company’s Facebook site.

  • In order to meet the needs of your business, we offer 5 various plugins.
  • We are always ready to help you with system integration!

Your company doesn’t have a website?

No problem! Bookero will help you create a simple and intuitive site with a booking section.

  • Our system is exceptionally easy to integrate.
  • Increase your booking numbers with a plugin on your company’s Facebook site!

A truly functional system

Bookero has many functions to help you run your business.
Explore some of the many functions below.

  • Add to Cart function for multi-bookings

  • Define conditions and limits on your bookings

  • Create price lists

  • Define opening hours

  • Manage booking parameters

  • Provide details on scope of services

  • Create cyclical services

  • Add discounts

  • Enable online payments for bookings

  • Create your website

  • Choose your booking form view

  • Build a client list

  • Set up your employees availability schedule

  • Create a virtual front desk

  • Integrate your site with the system

  • Let us take care of GDPR accountability

  • Create your own email notifications

  • Send text and email notifications

  • Let you clients cancel their bookings with an email or a text

  • Control your payments’ and bookings’ history

  • Manage your calendar

  • View all-day bookings

  • Create reports

  • Search for available dates

  • Enable bookings on non-standard dates

  • Adjust the system to your individual needs

  • Integrate the system with Google or Outlook calendars

  • Choose your form’s language version

  • Allow in advance bookings

  • Make standby lists

  • Use PWA version on your smartphone

Learn more about the functions!

Bookero works in every industry!

Below are just a few of the industries that can take advantage of our booking software.
No matter what your sector, our booking system can work for you.

  • Florists

    You business will bloom if you support it with the best booking system.
    Let it grow greater with Bookero.

  • Catering

    A rich menu of our functions will let you manage your restaurant’s booking efficiently.

  • Automotive

    Take a road full of benefits and choose the system that will accelerate your traffic.

  • Beauty

    A moment of relaxation always seems like a divine idea.
    Reduce your stress level – with just one click.

  • Medicine

    Setting up a schedule for your best specialists may seem to be quite an operation.
    With us it will go painlessly.

  • Escape room

    There is no other way – time to choose the most optimal booking system.

  • We haven’t thought of your industry yet?

    Tell us what you do
    and how we can streamline your work organisation!

Full responsiveness

It fits

Our system works on computers, as well as tablets and smartphones. It is also exceptionally intuitive in use.

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Fully accountable

Fully accountable

Worried about GDPR accountability? We have taken care of that too. Bookero meets the standards and guarantees the security of your clients’ data.

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Discount on your website

Count on a discount

If you wish to create a more complex website, we offer 20% discount if you work with our partners – WebWave CMS.

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Integration and full implementation support

Let’s integrate

Integrating our system with your company site is extremely easy. Choose an adequate plugin from several offered solutions, paste it and… it’s done. You don’t have a website? You can easily create one with us. If your company requires a more complex site structure, we offer help of our trusted partners – WebWave CMS.

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Online payments

Online payments

The bookero system allows for quick and seamless integration with popular online payment providers such as Stripe, PayPal, Paynow, PayU, Przelewy24 and Tpay.

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Safety first

Secure yourself against "no-show" booked appointments. Use the function of requesting a credit card number when a customer places a booking.

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Hundreds of companies have already trusted us!

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